Plastic Surgery Options

Plastic Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

Weight fluctuations, aging, and genetics can all make it hard to keep loving our bodies. Yet it is important to find a way to regain pride in your appearance, as this confidence plays a key role in self-esteem and living a higher quality of life.

Plastic surgery is the most effective way to address the areas of your body that are causing you the most distress. Still, in the United States, plastic surgery is prohibitively expensive. For that reason more and more people are seeking medical tourism for plastic surgery, and one of the best places to go is across the border in Tijuana, Mexico.

Benefits of Plastic Surgery in Mexico

Tijuana has become one of the premier destinations for plastic surgery. With qualified doctors trained at some of the world’s best medical institutions, the procedures that are performed are identical in both safety and quality to those you would receive in the United States.

Yet the costs associated with these types of treatments are a fraction of those in the US, all with the same level of medical care. Thousands of tourists come to Mexico annually for plastic surgery procedures and leave with the body and shape they have always wanted.

Our Plastic Surgery Procedures at Mexico Cosmetic Center

Led by Dr. Joaquin Ayala, a highly educated and experienced plastic surgeon that has been successfully completing cosmetic techniques since 1992, the Mexico Cosmetic Center in Tijuana is proud to offer a variety of procedures for those looking to change their appearance. Some of our surgical options include:

We are one of the only surgical centers in Tijuana with considerable experience with post-bariatric plastic surgery, having worked with patients from the Mexico Bariatric Center for years, and we can provide many other popular cosmetic surgeries, including Tummy Tucks, Rhinoplasty (nose jobs)Brazilian Butt Lifts, Vaginal Rejuvenation, Facelifts, and much more.

Mexico Cosmetic Center is well-regulated and committed to patient safety, so we book only a few appointments each day so that our surgeons and medical staff have plenty of time to address patient needs. Dr. Ayala and his staff are some of the highest-rated plastic surgeons in Tijuana, with the skills and eye toward aesthetics necessary to ensure your satisfaction.

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We’re happy to describe the hospital where the procedures occur and let you know why more and more individuals in the United States and abroad are coming to Tijuana for their plastic surgery needs.